Thursday, December 11, 2014

hurt and hopeful...

This will probably be my last post of 2014, as you can tell, I am not so diligent at posting on this blog. I wanted to touch base with the few of you that have asked about Lydia and baby boy. Their past are exactly the same and I am hopeful that in some way, their futures will be as well.

Lydia is doing WONDERFULLY! She is in full time custody of Family Legacy, she is recovering from a list of medical issues that were within inches of taking her precious life. I hear she is a bit of a "stinker" and keeps the house mommies on their toes. She had gained a lot of weight and is starting to look like a normal 4 year old. There is hope in her sweet little face, joy sparkles from her eyes and her body is functioning healthily. I am so thankful, for each hand that touched her, in physical medical attention from Dr Guffy and the staff at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, with motherly love from Ashley and the House Mommies, with prayerful words from each of you. Not a day goes by that I don't wish that I could have scooped up her little body, flown home with her and loved her unconditionally each and every minute of her life. I sit here, what feels like a million miles away and wonder how all of this will effect her in the long run. She was so sick, but so engaged with her biological mother, she now has new "mommies" and living in an environment that I am sure she could never have imagined. Her brother, Steven, has passed away, the last time she saw him was as we were escorting her to the hospital from the medical tent at camp. Life drastically changed for a sweet little four year old in the blink of an eye, she will never go back to where she came from, and although the future looks bright, aren't we always somehow connected to where we have been?

Baby Brother spent some time in the hospital in really bad shape. His real name is Geoff, which I am pretty sure NOT what his mother told me when we met, but non the less, he is now baby Geoff Kameli. He is with is biological mom now. Several months ago, she asked Family Legacy to take him, but has sense changed her mind. That is tough to wrap my head and heart around, bc I know he is in a very volatile environment. All we can do now is pray that Mom takes care of him and if at any point feels as though she needs help, comes directly to Family Legacy. I worry about Mom, she is a prostitute, it's what she has to survive. The chances of her having another baby, spreading the HIV and not being able to fully care for the children is quite possibly a never ending cycle. I will never know the pain of not being able to provide for your sick child, but I imagine it is a pain worse than anything on the Earth. There is no chance of her getting mental help for the losses she has endured in the last year, pray for the Mom and all the other like her, they are hurt and they need some hope.

Hope you all had a wonder 2014 and move into a prosperous 2015. I won't be back to Zambia for Camp Life this summer, but I will working on a very special project for some very precious kiddos there. I need to raise $21,000 to "Refurb Redeemer House". It is my version of Extreme Home Makeover, we will "move that bus" and re-invite 12 handsome little boys into their home. Windows need replacing, house needs painting, cabinets need doors, bedding, pots, socks, toys and the list goes on. If you are at all interested in helping with this project, please let me know!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, keep in touch...

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