Thursday, October 4, 2012

messages from dad...

if you know me, you know how close I am with my parents. Oddly, they are two very different relationships, strength in each at different times and different ways. Each of them have been my rock, the docks for my sometimes sinking ship as well as a solid place to return when I have been out to sea, always available to provide the shoulder to rest my weary head. They have had strength for me when I was weak, they have loved me when I have been hard to love, they have been friends when I needed them to be, they have celebrated with me in accomplishments, they have been amazing parents through it all. I am blessed to have them, I am who am b/c they have helped me be.

This post is about my Dad and Zambia....

Zambia proved to mean a lot more to my Dad than I would have ever expected. His support never wavered, he never asked, "why" or doubted my mission OR my ability to make a difference. He was interested in every aspect and jumped in with two feet when I hadn't even begun to ask for help! If you know my father, you probably think he is just a big tough bear, BUT (shhhhhh, don't tell anyone) he is a sweet, big hearted, soft, sensetive,cuddly teddy bear under that grizzly facade! He followed my blog religiously, and encouraged me to keep at it, he sent the link to his friends and printed it out for grandparents to read. I could not believe he was 100% behind what I was doing in Zambia. I LOVE that he was!  (please don't take this as the rest of my family was not, they are supportive, but my Dad was just a little a lot more vocal!)

I have struggled with this post, b/c honestly, it makes me cry, tears of happiness mostly, but also it brings so many feelings from my trip, the emotion I felt there, the complete happiness and utter devastation I felt all at the same time. My full heart exploding with love, fear, compassion, sorrow, and happiness. So... here are a few things my dad sent me while I was in Zambia and shortly after I came home.

email from dad:
Sitting on the porch, just fed the horses and now watching my dogs play around the pond.
As I watched my dogs and the video you sent it came to me that my dogs have a better life than millions of children around the world.
Your boys go to bed hungry, my dogs have a balanced meal twice a day.
My dogs are safe from "witches" (coyotes) behind a closed stall door every night, your boys sleep on dirt with no doors for protection.
My dogs are current on all vaccinations, your boys don't even know aspirin.
My dogs, get pets and hugs regularly. Your boys don't seem to get much attention.
I promise to give to one of your boys at least as much as one of my dogs.
How sad that we as humans are so blind that we will give more to animals than to children.
Be proud that your message has found and convinced at least one person.
~ Dad

"shout out" from dad:

As most of you know my daughter, Aimee, took her love and devotion to Africa. If you didn't keep up with her blog you lost out on a beautiful story. The short story is that she introduced us to some kids that truly needed help. We not talking fancy shoes, electronics, or summer vacation. We are talking a few hours of basic education and a meal ! I have questioned why people leave the good old USA and help in foreign lands. This past spring I had a chance to visit with a friend who does mission trips to Africa and asked her to explain why. I think the phrase was “you don’t know poverty till you have seen it”. No one in America has to go hungry, homeless, or in need of medical attention. There is some group, agency, or shelter available 24/7. It may not be what we want, but it’s a roof, food or doctor for the asking. Even in this economy if you want to work there are jobs, maybe not the position you think you deserve but there are jobs that pay money.
Carolyn and I have been blessed. Family, friends, health, and happiness have filled our lives. We have sponsored, donated, gifted, and just flat out given to lots of people, groups, and causes. But Isaac is special. I have never been so excited about a project, and yes it's a project. For less than a good steak a month I can help someone help themselves, their families, and hopefully the future. As I said, I have been blessed, and funding our little project will not cut into my lifestyle. This is not about us, it’s about some poor, truly poor, kids that could use a little help to improve themselves and hopefully the world around them. If you have any interest go to
Or go right to Aimee’s sponsor page and check out her kids.
Just thought I would pass this along. I recognize that we all have our own lives and priorities. If you are looking for something special and the special feeling that goes along with it, check out this opportunity.
Greg 0

I am proud, AND I am eternally grateful that he "gets" it, no matter how the message is received or when it hits, I am glad that it is working!

I am going back to Zambia, I will get to be with "my" children again "my" 6 beautiful boys. I will get the hugs that I have been missing since they got on the bus to go the last day of camp in June. I am eternally blessed, thankful and appreciative of my Father's love, my Heavenly Father and my Earthly Father... I am one lucky girl!

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