Thursday, January 31, 2013

wrap up 2012...

I am running a little behind, so I will quickly catch up on the wrap of 2012. I had another 21st birthday, celebrating with my family, MR and Lemon. It was a fun night, lots of yummy food at one of my favorite Italian spots and MR got my favorite cake to boot!

Christmas went too fast, as always. Lots of family gatherings, lots of yummy food and of course my annual gift of sickness from our beautiful neice (or at least that is who I think it was...).
We spent NYE with dear friends and yummy Mexi food!
Now we are about to wrap the first month of 2013! Where does the time go? SLOW DOWN!!!! Seriously, I feel like the train has left the station and I am still working on my spreadsheet to prepare for the ride! Whoa nelly! Can someone please press pause and let me catch up!
2012 was a great year for me, so many things changed and blossomed in me. I am truely looking forward to see what 2013 brings!
Big plans for this year! I am heading back to Zambia to see my sweet kiddos. I have already started packing, and plotting on how to "accidentally" miss the flight back and have to stay for a while!
We are raising money to build a home at the Tree of Life. It will be named Della's house after the MR's grandmother. I am so excited for the 12 children who will be get to have a warm, loving home with plenty of food and attention! If you would like to help us meet our goal, let me know.