Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In my backyard...

I have started a new adventure! I am volunteering with an awesome not-for -profit for children in a private foster program with all hopes of placement back with their biological family or adoption with a wonderful forever family. 

I visit a home once a week with five beautiful kiddos! Because of confidentiality issues and the children's safety, I can't give you names or details like I can for my Zambian boys, but I want to share some general details and stories along this journey. 

There are three little girls who have so much energy and at any given moment there is an outcry of giggles, screams (the happy kind most of the time) and attention grabbing "look at me!!! Look at me!!!" pleas. They have more energy than the sun and after each of my short visits I am exhausted! The toddler is a sweet thoughtful kid, he loves reading books and pointing out all the things he knows! And last but not least is a special sweet tiny baby. 

I have played with a lot of kids, I am used to the being turned into a jungle gym, rolling in the ground in tickle matches, running around till exhaustion sets in. I am not a pro with kids, but I act like one enough that I am comfortable enough.

But something I am not familiar with, is tiny babies. The smallest ones that start with a very rough road ahead. So when I got to hold this little guy, who hadn't slept in too long and wanted to eat but was totally exhausted, well he brought me to a place I had never met! I scooped him up thinking he would either scream at me or poop on me (that is usually what happens when I hold new babies)! He snuggled in, ate half a bottle and fell asleep, in my arms. Little girls screaming all around, reading a book to a toddler and he just slept in my arms the whole time. I had to pinch myself when I left that night, because I could not believe for one second that he didn't poop, he didn't scream AND he fell asleep, deep sleep! It was so peaceful amist complete 2-5 year old chaos! 
I cannot wait to go back and play and love on these kids. 

Get ready for a lot of Zambia talk- till then 

Keep in touch...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oh and don't forget...

Although, safe and sound in Houston TX, I still blog from my phone- it works from me. So for grammar, spelling, spaces... Not a worry- you can figure it out! Xoxo keep in touch

Getting back to it-

I  going to start blogging again, getting ready to go back to Zambia, got sweet letters from Kennedy
and Chola
(the two boys we sponsor)
 Mimi and G- daddy got a letter from Isaiac, and KS got a letter from Rabbi- thank the LORD our boys are in school, eating at least once a day and getting a glorious lesson of a POWERFUL word our Gif and  a phenomenal education- there is not a chance these kids won't be futer leaders and history changers for the nation of Zambia!! 

I am leaving on the 4th of July... What an amazing day for our nation and for me to be setting off on such an important trip. Independence is a funny thing- we have it, we love it, we take for granted. My boys, they are working towards it, been gifted the opportunity of it, are striving for it- and with the love and support of so many here in beautiful Texas USA they will have it! No more poverty, no more hunger, no more "I wish I could got to school", "I wish I could have a hot lunch" no more, "I wish I had a chance, a future" NO MORE! It's INDEPENDENCE day- starting the day they met me- no way, no how, not for one second more could I let  
MY BOYS go without, and I can't wait to see what a year has done! Each of my sweet kids is in school, and I can't wait to see the leaps and bounds they have jumped to get to where they are in July! 

It's May, I have a bag packed, 
donations have been coming in and I am sorting through what is the most needed immediately, everything else will be sent in a huge container later in the year when we open Della's house. 

God has been good to me, and I can't wait to see what he has planned for this next year of my life. Xoxo -keep in touch!