Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Catching up

Hello! Been a while since my last post. So many things have happened, so I will try to catch up before I am Africa bound and then post as God blesses me with my third trip to Zambia.

I will start with Della's House:

A little over a year ago, we decided to build a house- in Zambia- for 12 precious girls and two house moms at the Tree of Life. Through much prayer, and by the pure grace of God in just shy of one year, we reached our $100,000 goal to build the house. I can't begin to comprehend the love and compassion so many people have shown through donations, encouragement and prayer for this project to come to fruition. My SIL coordinated the biggest garage sale I have ever seen, we sold t shirts, we made/sold hand stamped jewelry, we swapped donation checks instead of Christmas/Birthday gifts, we poured our hearts out to anyone who would listen to our love for Zambian orphans AND... God provided!

With the house being funded, we were tasked to raising money and supplies to stock the house. From every tiny sock, wash cloth, spatula, toilet scrub brush, toy, bible, rug, toothbrush, pillow case, chair, hanger, pink shirt and skirt combo and beyond we shipped everything for the house to Zambia in January. Everything X's 12 for the girls, and X's 14 for general goods. That's a lot of stuff! I have to admit, this was the easy part for me, shopping for little ones is just as enjoyable for me as Sunday ice cream runs with the MR, or Thanksgiving dinner!

We don't know these sweet souls, but I can tell you in each purchase of a hair bow, page of stickers, bottle of bubbles, pink pair of undies, flower print dinner plate, red mixing spoon and orange Tupperware I thought so hard about what a little girl might love to see in her kitchen, I fussed for hours over the house moms comfort and ease of use of the pots and pans and color of umbrella and scarf. Would they love their aprons, does this towel match that rug, will this wall art make them smile when they finally get to sit for a minute and soak it all in? I have prayed continually for these little girls and the house moms. Different prayers on different days, some for peace of mind, for patience, for cooperation, for their understanding that God loves them and their family is so much larger than they could even imagine.

It's all been sent, a few loose ends and extra blessings are being gathered and packed up for our trip in July. I have reached my bag allowance and still need to pack a change of clothes for 2 week adventure.

We will unpack, set up, decorate and pray over every single item that goes into our home. This is going to be a safe loving home for girls who have never known this life is possible. We were used to provide a home, built with love, in Della's name to give life back to 12 beauties who thought all was lost.

Our house is being built in memory of my husband's grandmother, Della. Della's House is going to be a tribute to the love Della showed throughout her life for all that she touched. We know she has been watching over this process and her love will be present in each life that flourishes in her house.

This has been one of the most amazing projects I have been able to be a part of. I am ready to meet these precious girls and the two loving Zambian house moms. 

These girls come with a tremendous amount of unfortunate circumstances. Things that are unimaginable have been done to these sweet girls. Della's House is their safe home. The abuse, neglect, fear, stress, fighting, heartache, and many other awful actions that have happened in their short lives ends here. Della's House is the game changer, it is the hope, the life, the love, the opportunity for a beautifully loved future for 12 more orphans. The hands laid upon these children will be those of God's loving care takers that have 100%  interest in these amazing little lives joyful future.

 There is so much more to say, so keep in touch!