Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Gosh, I should really be better at this, but it is still "new" to me and sometimes I am not sure what to blog about, but anyhow... HERE I am, let me catch you up on a few of the happenings in my world!

I had to go to San Antonio for work, so in preparation, I dressed Doodle and Oliver up... they love me, can't you tell?

Huckleberry would not let me get close to him with the hat, he isn't fun like that... 

After the work was done in SA, my super fly husband and I went here:

Yep, we were the only adults without kids, it was across the street from the Alamo, why not? It was fun, we ran into a few mirror walls and then added 3D glasses, that made me want to barf, so Matt just held on to me and I walked around while he did his 3D thing! The gloves are so you don't leave fingerprints on the mirrors.

After that we did a little "can you be slick like a cat and not get caught" by a laser game. There is a video of my stealth husband, but I can't figure out how to get it on here, sorry! We did not to video me, no surprise there is really nothing stealth about me!

We hit up Mi Tierra for brunch before we headed home, OH that bakery... it is so pretty, and some yummy treats left with us!

BIG NEWS coming soon, I am trying to wrap up a blog about some really awesome stuff! I can't wait to share, just need to button up a few lose ends and I will tell you all about it!
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