Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It just doesn't get any easier...

We found "baby boy", it's not pretty, he is malnourished, has diharia, a cough,  and has lost a lot of weight. 

Today marks one month since I found out Steven died. Today I got the email that we have "baby boy" in our custody, who, our Dr believes, only has a 25% chance at life. We have admitted him at the same hospital that treated Lydia. I have to fully believe we can get him through this. I need your help, prayers, good mojo, sunshine and rainbows- whatever you've  got- send to him- "baby boy"/ (aka) "nugget" needs it! 

This morning I was going to blog about a new project I am taking on for some kids that the Tree of Life, but I don't feel like I can totally start on that until we have  this precious baby well and in our permanant care. 
Sorry so brief, these post don't seem to be getting easier and I don't seem to be able to say so much...
I still beg you to, 
Keep in touch...

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